What is a Rinse For?

I’ve always wanted to know, what is a rinse for? I’ve seen it on round brush.com crece pelo rinse. Should you use it as a conditioner or after you wash your hair to detangle and then ¬†use conditioner? How do you know how to use it, and when to use it?


Hola Morena :)

A rinse is a color deposit that is used to either add color to your hair, and gives your hair brillo, shine.

They are temporary colors and there is also clear, which adds no color, but boy, does it leave a shine.

If you relax your hair, the best time to do it is the same day you do your relaxer, after your deep conditioner.

If your hair is natural, then it seems to work better after using a clarifying shampoo.

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  1. Morena says:

    Thanks for the info La Negra.
    Are there color rinses that color brown/black hair, do you have to bleach your hair first. About my first question though, I should have been more specific, i meant what is a dominican rinse for. Like this one it’s called BOE Crece Pelo Phytotherapeutic rinse, I’ts in a green bootle what is it for and how and why do you use it. roundbrush.com

  2. LaMorena_ says:

    Okay. I’ma a big fan of rounbrushhair.com.

    A rinse is used after you shampoo your hair before you deep condition. Once you rinse your hair you may have some tangles left in there so you can then apply the rinse to get a quick detangle, quick slip, before you follow with the intensivo tratamiento. Personally I love rinses. The one I use is by Halka Baba de Caracol. it is really thick and creamy. So is the intensivo tratamiento.

    For me, i use “rbh” Aceite Bomba first – Halka Baba de Caracol Shampoo Second – heat my roots a little with a hair dryer then their rinse Third – and apply the intensivo tratamiento last and sit under my dryer with a plastic cap for 25 mins. When i rollerset i use their leave-in. Out comes healthy, thick, shiny hair

  3. LaMorena_ says:

    i meant to say once you are done shampooing your hair in the beginning … oops

  4. LaNegra says:

    Color rinses can be used on any color hair. How much the color takes depends on how porous your hair is, or if you have grays it will be a temporary color for you.

    The rinse you mentioned isn’t a color rinse; it’s just a post shampoo rinse. Typically, I don’t use a rinse, but when I do it’s only to get the tangles out. I prefer a deep conditioner, but sometimes I just need something to help comb through my hair. That’s when I use a rinse, but I’m sure others may use it for other reasons.

    But a color rinse is different. The color rinse leaves color deposits on your hair. However, they do tend to add mucho brillo, a lot of shine.

  5. LaNegra says:

    I’ve never ordered from that site; I may have to try them! Yep…rinses are good before deep conditioning.

  6. LaMorena_ says:

    Order … LOL. I am sure you will get your prods way before I do. I hate being overseas. I need my staples and have not been able to get them when I need them most. So right now, I am corn rolled back. But once I get off this ship, please believe rolos will be in this head of mine.

    Question … I am about to travel to the Bronx in a few months and I wanted to know some really good hair supply stores and salons to go to while i am there. I want to re-stock and get the full on dominican blowout (SO EXCITED)!!!

    I am trying to get a regimen going. Again, it is hard to get stuff here when I need them.

    But anyway, I think you remember me. I posted about the whale sperm conditioner and halka intensive treatment.

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