Short & Damaged Hair

I am an African American woman with very short hair. It was breaking off terribly, but the breakage has stopped since I am now wearing another hair weave. I have not had a hair relaxer since June of 2009 which was when I was wearing my hair and not the weave.

Now, I am thinking about getting the weave out and going to a Dominican hair salon to get my hair done. However, I am quite
skeptical about this move because: (1) I’ve never had it done by a Dominican stylist; and (2) I have very short hair. My hair is probably between 1-2 inches long. I am not sure whether or not the Dominican system works on short hair. Thanks a lot. Also, what Dominican hair salons would you recommend in the Atlanta area, especially the ones that are in or near Decatur, GA.

Hola guapa,

Let’s first address your damaged hair. As I’m sure you have learned from experience, you cannot “correct” damaged hair. You can pamper it until you get a substantial amount of new growth, OR you can just cut off the damaged hair. Regardless, time and proper treatment are your best friends.

Also, you did not mention the cause for your damage. Is it the relaxer, the weave, or something else? You cannot treat an ear infection with medicine used for an eye infection. The point is, while some products may help with a variety of damage problems, there may be something specific that you need.

Ok, so your hair is short. The question is, do you have enough length to do a Dominican blowout? I’m not sure. I’ve seen some really small rolos and recall when I had my hair cut very, VERY short that my stylist used the smallest rollers for the crown of my head, but the back and sides, where I had it tapered, she just slicked it down.

With this question in mind, my thoughts are that even if your hair isn’t long enough for a true “Dominican blowout” you can do a wet-wrap following a deep conditioning treatment and sit under your dryer. Then, you can just comb your hair out and style.

My concern is that you currently have a weave, which may be contributing to your hair issued. The glue and weight of the track may be adding stress to your already damaged hair. Now, if your hair is natural and coarse, regardless to whether you get a Dominican blowout or go somewhere that uses a flat-iron, it’s probably going to require a significant amount of heat to get your hair straight. So, keep in mind that you may be adding insult to injury, until your hair is in optimal health.

Whether you go to a Dominican stylist, or African American, you want to concentrate on getting your hair on the healthy track. If I were you, I’d go to a few different salons and ask them what they recommend. I personally would want to avoid a much direct heat as possible, meaning flat irons and straightening combs and opt for getting rollers if possible. If my hair was too short for rollers, I’d just do a wet set and nurse my hair until I had enough length for rollers.

As for salons in GA, I cannot make any recommendations, but maybe fellow readers can help you out.



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7 Responses to Short & Damaged Hair

  1. KandiSTYLE says:

    The only Dominican Salon that I know of (not even sure if it’s close) is Yves Dominican Salon in Mableton, GA. I went there twice a year apart (on vacation, from NC) and I liked it. I’m natural, APL and my hair looked good. It lasted a week and a half before I had to wash it (dandruff!). The lady burned my face w/the flat iron and it cost $55.00. Not sure if I’d go back but my hair looked great.

  2. LaNegra says:

    Wha?! Your face was burned?! Oh NO! That’s a one-time offense, in my opinion! Not unless there’s a different stylist there.
    The other thing…I know a lot of Dominican salons are running with the flat-irons, but that goes against the reason why most women with ethnic hair got great results at Dominican salons in the first place. Less direct heat means better health of the hair…

  3. Theresa Williams says:

    Thanks for the responses to my post – Short & Damaged Hair. I was unaware of a Dominican Hair Salon in Mableton, GA. However, since one of you said your face was burned, I’m not sure I would want to go there. However, that doesn’t mean that I couldn’t get good results with another stylist in this same shop. All I know at this point is that trying to get your hair to grow long, full, and healthy seems to be quite a task. However, with the help of the Lord and with applying healthy hair practices that work for my hair, I know I can get some favorable results. Thanks for the posts.

  4. LaNegra says:

    I was going to say the same thing, regarding using a different stylist in the same salon.

    Right now, focus on the HEALTH of your hair. Where there is healthy hair, length usually follows :)

    Happy weekend!

  5. KandiSTYLE says:

    They used decent products, (I’m all up in hair dressers stashes)! The shampoo was salon exclusives (i’m not big on shampoo anyways) the conditioner was Proyss (sp) I like this alot. She also used Chi and Paul Mitchell. HTH, if you do decide to go the lady the burned me was the tall light complexioned lady…there is a lady with a short natural (she did a good job on my friend) and a dark skinned lady, she was just getting there as I was leaving so I’m not sure about her.

  6. Hot Girl Extraordinaire says:

    I know I’m super late but Lily’s in Norcross, GA is famous for their Dominican Blowouts. $25

  7. LaNegra says:

    Thank you amiga!

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