Shampoo Now?


As many, I reached your website quite by accident. I recently moved to Canada and really did not have to deal with my hair in my home country. I was so spoiled: a wonderful stylist, super affordable prices, deep conditioning treatments, all while reading a magazine. It does not get better than that. Now, my hair and I, well I just want a DIVORCE!!! Unfortunately, since this is not really an option, well a Dominican blowout my just be the answer to feel a little like my old self. Questions: 1. What shampoo are you now using afer the demisse of the very much appreciated Creme of Nature?

Muchos besos!


Happy New Year, Marquita!!!

Chica, let me tell you!!! I never found a replacement for our beloved Creme of Nature!! So, I ended up making my own. I have tried every shampoo under the sun and nothing, nada, zilch. My own concoction works well for me. My scalp is clean and hair is always manageable.

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