Risks of Getting a Dominican Blowout

My hair has been a MAJOR Problem for as long as I can remember. I
kept them in braids throughout my child hood, tried to do the chemical
thing and had to cut it out for breaking my hair off, weaves, tracks,
you name it, I’ve probably done it…, All except a Dominican Blow
Out. I’ve heard that once you get one done, it will be hard to get the
natural state back. I have VERY coarse, stereotypical African American
hair. What are the real risks of me getting a blow out??

Hola mi querida Sophia,

Before we address the “risks” associated with getting a Dominican blowout, we need to address your chronic hair issues.

Do you condition your hair? If so, what are you using? Is your hair coarse, but fine, which is typical of coarse hair. Many assume that coarse hair is tough and can handle anything, but nothing could be farther from the truth! Do you tie your hair down with a silk scarf? What about thyroid levels? Have you had them checked? What are your specific hair problems?

There is nothing stereotypical about African American hair. In fact, I find that African Americans can have hair that is very, VERY harsh looking, but can be very gentle to the touch. On the other hand, I have me African Americans who have very straight hair that doesn’t require a relaxer, or any chemicals to relax the curls. African American hair can be very unpredictable, but if you understand what is causing you to have problems, then you may be able to get a relaxer, should you choose to, or Dominican blowout, whatever it is you decide to do.

I have heard women in salons ask the stylists about what will happen to their naturalou texture if they get a blowout. I will say that I have blown out my hair without a relaxer and did not find that I lost any of my natural curl after the next washing, HOWEVER, the amount of heat it would take to straighten very tightly curled, coiled hair may actually cause damage.

Think of African American hair like old, fashioned linen. You know how linen is super wrinkled and requires a lot, and I do mean a LOT of heat to remove the wrinkles? Well, that’s kinda what happens when you try to straighten naturally kinky hair by way of a blower. I recall a time when I was trying to get a linen shirt to look “less wrinkled” and nearly burned it! I could smell the scorching fabric in my apartment for several days. When I recognized that I was close to ruining my expensive shirt, I put a halt to applying heat, but realized that I had one area on the shirt that was very glossy, very stiff and it never looked quite the same.

Regardless to what anyone tells you, I don’t think it’s possible (mind you, this is just LaNegra’s opinion) to get naturally kinky hair straight, without potential damage. The reason why coarse hair that has been blown out losses it’s curl is usually because the hair has been intrinsically damaged. I know we all like a little versatility; we want to be able to wear our hair straight one day, natural the next, but coarse, kinky hair is very dry and cannot withstand some of the elements that straighter hair can endure.

You know my motto…there’s no hair style worth having that’s going to put the health of your hair at risk. So, I stand my ground…yes, you can find a stylist to give you a kick ass Dominican blowout. You will have swayyyy and swagger when you leave her salon, but you may spend another year trying to nurse your dry, brittle hair back to health.

Damn, did I just talk you out of a Dominican blowout? Well, my intentions are not to talk you out of something, but to let you make a better decision for yourself, based on the pros and cons.

Mil Besos,


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3 Responses to Risks of Getting a Dominican Blowout

  1. Bobi says:

    Thank you so much for your honest answer. You did not gloss over the potential risks involved in getting a Dominican Blow Out. The truth is there is a little risk involved in anything we do. There is a risk in trying a new shampoo b/c it might strip your hair of all its moisture and it can take a long time to get it back to the condition you want it to be in. A Dominican blow out is a risk but it is one that many take everyday without much adverse damage. However, if your hair is already damaged, I would not recommend using that much heat on your hair.

  2. Cavon says:

    Thank you for your honesty LaNegra. I live in Fort Worth, TX and recently visited family in New York. While there, I went to get a Dominican Blowout. Wow! I grew up with Dominicans and they did not do this technique. We were all getting regular Black Folks perms. If I could find someone to do this in my area, then I would get rid of my perm. The perm is full of deadly chemicals and then we still add heat to our hair. My hair has lasted 9 days so far and will continue to last until I get ready to wash it. All I do is tie it with a silk scraf at night and brush it in the morning. In my opinion, weaves, braids (we get them done too tight), glue-ins and perms are way to damaging for our hair as it is. I do agree that all Black Folks hair is not the same. Coarse hair really can’t take alot which is why our hair falls out on the sides and in the back. Sometimes it never grows back. But in the end, I can’t help thinking that if we begin to just love our hair the way it grows out of our head we all could save alot of money! LOL!!!

  3. KLP says:

    Knowledge is power. That’s why I endorse this site and La Negra whole heartedly. Regardless of whether you are natural or chemically relaxed, your focus should always be on maintaining healthy hair.

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