Products to Repair Hair

I straight my hair alot and this whole summer i am going to try not to (i have to think of some hair styles to do 2 what do you do?) and Do you know any products i can use to help repair my hair?

Hola Jackie, I think it’s great that you are laying off the heat during the summer. For many of us, the summer is difficult, as we sweat heavily, causing our freshly blown out hair to frizz. In addition, the heat of the sun, compounded by the heat of styling tools, doesn’t make for healthy hair. It’s a good idea to give your a break :)

As for repairing the hair…well, once it’s damaged, it’s a wrap. Before you panic, let me explain. Our hair endures the elements, handling and even chemicals, but if it should become damaged, and depending on the type of damage, there’s nothing you can do to repair the damaged portion.

For instance, if you have split ends, they will continue to be split, no matter what you use to seal or seal them together. Yes, there are products that will give you temporary relief from the fly-aways, but ultimately, a good trim, possibly a cut, will be the ONLY thing you can do to permanently “repair” your ends.

The same holds true for chemically damaged hair, or heat damaged hair. You can use products to maintain your hair until you grow it out, but damaged hair is forever damaged.

Ok…enough gibberish…if you are experiencing damage, I highly recommend Aphoghee 2 Step Protein Treatment. Just like the name says, it’s a two step product, which requires that you buy both products, but it’s well, well worth it. If used properly, in conjunction with proper handling, you should be able to maintain your hair while pampering your new growth. However, I don’t recommend using this more than once every other month.

I also recommend a good moisturizing conditioner, such as Humecto and Baba de Caracol. These are my two favorites. Of course, you’ll need a good leave in. Hands down it’s CHI Silk Infusion. CHI is my liquid crack. I cannot live without it!

So mamita, here’s to healthy hair!


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