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I am 1 yr and 1 month post relaxer. it has been a very difficult and aggravating journey. A little background info: i stopped going to the salon and doing my own hair. i transition from rolos to blow drying it straight wet to dry(eeeek! i know, but i found it easier to kill the “new growth” wet then after it was dry with the rolos) i always made up for it by staying extra long under the dryer with my Silicon + Emergencia mix.  Ive even snuck in a little Alter Ego Garlic in there but i havent really committed to it so im not sure if it works for me .

My hair is in the middle not “good” not “bad” really curly and from all my attempts to be creative, really really really DRY! my other problem is length! my hair grows in i have a lot of hair..but it seems to not grow length wise. any tips on getting the length going.  when i was younger my hair grew long with no problems. i suppose the damage ive done with tintes, highlights, flat irons and all that have really taken its toll or do i have a chance? i just went in for a “trim” the other day (you know our Dominicans)and it turned more into a haircut.  Now that i have no relaxer and a lot of dead ends cut i was hoping to start from scratch.

Hola Astrid (gorgeous name),

I’m not going to beat you up on blowing your wet hair…you already KNOW it’s not a good idea :) You nailed it when you said, “kill new growth.”

What I’m going to get on you about is od’ing on Silicon Mix + Emergencia, or any other harsh proteins. While these products are excellent when used properly, they have an adverse effect when overused. It’s best to use them once in a while (once every month or two) or right before/after a chemical service.

In order to combat dry hair add moisture every chance you get! Opt for Humecto, UNA Hydro Masque, Baba de Caracol. You can use any of these anytime you shampoo, or rinse your hair. When my hair is super dry, I sleep with either one of these products and rinse out the following morning. My hair comes out really soft. Be sure that you are drinking a good amount of water too. I try to get in anywhere from .5 – 1 gallon daily (bathroom runs are a pain in the tush!).

Now…the fact that your hair is all clear of the relaxer means that you are going to have to look for other hairstyles and perhaps give your hair a “style” break before applying any heating tools. I don’t subscribe to the “good/bad” hair theory. In my opinion, healthy hair is not just good hair, it’s GREAT hair ;) I also do not recommend constant use of heat to straighten the hair, if you have tight kinks or curls. An occasional blowout is not necessarily threatening, but repeated use of intense heat will take a toll on your tresses.

So, while you experiment…remember to add moisture to your hair OFTEN, avoid heat and get regular trims (NOT cuts – trims) to ensure that you are not losing length to split ends.

Hope this helps,


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