Maintaining First Dominican Blowout

Hey La Negra,
I looove your site and the tutorials you do! Been a lurker for a
while! :)

I went to get my FIRST Dominican blowout last night and left out of the salon with SILK for hair. I was soo pleased with the results. My hair was light, had an amazing shine, looked healthier than ever and had a swing you wouldnt believe! I wrapped my hair when I went to bed.

But to my disappointment, I woke up and my hair wasnt in the same condition. It’s still soft but it looks ore poofy and frizzy than last night. I didnt want to put any product that would weigh it down, nor did I want to¬† add more heat (to avoid over heating and damaging hair). So, I’m left with “eh” hair instead of the fabulousness I had last night. How can I maintain my “right-out-of-the-salon-hair”?

Saludos! Thank you for making the plunge into being a “non-lurker” lol.

First off…silk…that IS the best way to describe your hair after the experience. Did ya love it, or what?!

Ok…so, now let’s discuss your next-morning-frizz…

Did you tie your hair down with a scarf? That’s a must. Trust me, I’ve misplaced my scarf and the next morning I looked like I had been involved in a science experiment gone wrong. So, get yourself a scarf, preferrably a silk scarf. Silk doesn’t catch, or snag the hair and doesn’t sap up any moisture you may have in your hair.

You were right not to add product; the problem was probably due to not putting a scarf on.

IF you did put on a scarf, did you sweat a lot? I sometimes sweat a lot during the evening, but as long as I keep my hair tied up pretty neatly, my hair survives the “storm.”

If I didn’t answer your question, let me know and then we’ll try something different.

Besos y embrazos!


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41 Responses to Maintaining First Dominican Blowout

  1. Nini says:

    Yea! I just recently figured that out too! I have a bonnet and a scarf. For the past few months, I’ve been lazy and just threw the bonnet on and my hair wasnt the same! Then one night I thought let me try the bonnet over the scarf, and everyone started commenting about how straight my hair was. lol

  2. LaNegra says:

    Oh yes! I went on a short trip with a few friend and forgot to bring the scarf.
    Needless to say, I looked a mess the next day. I will forget anything, but NEVER the headscarf!

  3. L says:

    I can’t live without wrapping my hair and covering it at night…I try to stretch my blow outs for atleast a week…they would never last without a scarf.

    and this has nothing to do with the post, but I’d thought I’d ask, do you know how often you can put cellophanes in your hair? Because im pregnant and don’t want to use regular dye on my hair, and it was bleached before I got pregnant, so I have 3-4 inches of dark hair, and then the rest is bleached…and I don’t want to bleach or use actual dyes but the cellophanes never make the bleached hair as dark as my roots and I wash my hair once a week, and it looses the intensity and darkness after that first wash…would it be bad for my hair to use a cellophane once a week? Or every 2 weeks? Is that too much and bad for the hair?

  4. LaNegra says:

    Congrats on the baby! Dios se bendiga!

    This is my opinion on cellophanes, but I’ll share it only because you asked…
    Once every other month is the most I would use a temp color. Now, you are not going to find that a cellophane will darken your hair, if it’s been bleached. Cellophanes are temporary, therefore, wash out a bit with each shampooing.

    Washing your hair once a week is fine, but I cannot say with certainty that there are absolutely no detrimental effects. Some women I know go cold turkey when they become pregnant; they don’t color or relax their hair AT ALL. Then there are those who skip the color treatment and just do a relaxer.

    I’ll have to look into the frequency of using a cellophane and get back to you. However, I personally would not use it anymore than every two months.

    I’m sorry that I cannot be more helpful at the moment, but do not want to give you bad consejo.


  5. Sylvia says:

    Thanks for posting my email…and giving me advice. I was using a silk bonnet instead of a scarf. I’ll try the scarf and get back to you on the results! Thanks!

  6. LaNegra says:

    Not a problem. Let me know if the scarf solves your problem. I’m betting it will ;)

  7. Sylvia says:

    You were sooo right! I got the silk scarf and wrapped it pretty tight around my doobie last night and there was a big difference this morning!

  8. LaNegra says:

    Yay!! I’m glad it worked. Now, next time you get your hair blown out, you should see a huge difference.
    I’m telling you…invest in a few silk scarves just to sleep in, but make sure they’re big enough to tie on your head ;)

  9. Ali says:

    Hi LaNegra!
    I found this site while browsing on YouTube. Please, I would like to know what kind of hand dryer is that. I believe I saw it in my local beauty supply store, but I want to make sure. Thanks!

  10. LaMorena_ says:

    Hmmm…in December I’ll be travelling to the Bronx so I was wondering if you knew of any good beauty supply stores and salons.

  11. LaNegra says:

    LaMorena! I’m so glad you re-posted this. You asked me about this before and I must have deleted it, before I could reply.
    I don’t know any stores in the bronx, but we’ll see what we can dig up…k?

  12. LaNegra says:

    Hi guapa,
    I use a Turbo 1500, made by Pibbs. It’s HOOOOT

  13. LaMorena_ says:


    I think I might pick up a Turbo 1500 as well.

    I have a Conair 1875. The same wattage as the Turbo 1500. But I dont know anymore. Either I am not using small enough sections, or it just isnt hot enough…hmm…

  14. LaMorena_ says:

    what would you say are some good products to pick up?

    Currently, my hair is a little below my shoulders.
    I haven’t had a relaxer since July of this year.
    It’s pretty healthy and I have no intention of relaxing again.

    I’m looking for growth and strength. It’s already thick.

  15. LaNegra says:

    This is just my opinion, but none of the blowers that I tried like conair worked. The wattage was the same, if not higher but the heat was pitiful.
    I have been meaning to try a new blower, but haven’t gotten around to it. However, the Turbo 1500 has been good to me. I bought it used and have been using it for a few years without any problems at all.

  16. LaNegra says:

    This is just my opinion, but none of the blowers that I tried like conair worked. The wattage was the same, if not higher but the heat was pitiful.
    I have been meaning to try a new blower, but haven’t gotten around to it. However, the Turbo 1500 has been good to me. I bought it used and have been using it for a few years without any problems at all.

  17. LaNegra says:

    That depends on the needs of your hair. I ALWAYS recommend a good moisturizing conditioner.
    Not a moisturizing rinse, but a conditioner that you leave on for 20 minutes or more. Right now, my favorite is UNA moisturizing masque and Humecto.
    If you’re not relaxing, then you want to still treat it gently and continue to moisturize with every wash.

    Retaining length is tricky as it depends on: how fragile your hair is to begin with, how frequently you get trims and then the rate at which your hair grows.

    So, you want to ensure that you get regular trims (not cuts – TRIMS). This prevents your hair from breaking as you grow it out. If you are doing regular blowouts, you want a good leave-in…you all know my favorite CHI Silk Infusions. Then you want to follow up with a serum after pulling out your rolos and blowing your hair.

    If are experiencing shedding or breaking as a result of growing out your relaxer, then get Aphogee two step reconstructor. This product is a must have for relaxed or color treated hair. You buy moisturizer separately (I typically buy two bottles for every one bottle of the protein treatment) and use this once every other month. I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I want to relax again, but this product saves me from having to cut off all of my hair.

    Lastly, although I’m a product junkie, I recommend finding what works for your hair and sticking with it. When I find products that do my hair well, I may try others, but I always go back to what treated my hair well.

  18. LaMorena_ says:

    Yeah because I have been trying A LOT of products lately. I have to admit, i LOVE my Baba de Caracol rinse/intensive treatment/leave-in. it is SO creamy and leaves my hair so soft and moist. But getting it shipped here with a quickness is hard so i have to stock up once i get to NY (so excited). I heard alot of raves with Lacio Lacio leave in. And i have been meaning to purchase a bottle of Chi Silk Infusions. Shampoo … I’ve been on and off with, but wouldnt mind going back to Creme of Nature. When I was younger my stepmother used it alot in my hair and then I began using it…hmm.

    I will definitely be looking into the Aphogee and making a purchase. I am still a fan of blow outs but since I didnt bring my materials, I cant do them. So it has been a blow dryer and a flat iron. but only once a week until I get off of this ship.

    Usually I use the leave-in with anti frizz serum or a creme moisturizer mixed with anti frizz and leave in. Either way it comes out nicely. I havent been using a glosser though. Probably should look into that.

  19. LaNegra says:

    Ok..lacio lacio is good, BUT for me it leaves flakes. I avoid all of the white, creamy leave-ins because they flake in my hair, ma it look as if I have dandruff.
    If they changed the formula, then I’d be willing to try it gain, but it’s the white creams that mess me up.

    I do the same with my anti-frizz products. I mix them with a good moisturizer or heat proctectant and my hair usually loves me for it :)

    Note on Creme of Nature shampoo. That has been one of my staples for YEARS. I don’t know if you read my post about buying a gallon of the regular formula, but I don’t care for the new mix AT ALL! I ended up gifting the bottle I bought and purchased a gallon of the original formula from Ra-Ma. I’m not sure what I’ll switch to when it runs out, but shampoos seem to be the only product that I have to be extremely careful with.

  20. LaMorena_ says:

    I’ve been on Amazon looking to order a bottle or two of the original formula.
    I’m really happy with how far my hair has come. Like. I look at how it was in the past – length but really bad ends that thinned out [no-no] and now, thick healthy hair that is growing at a good rate. It’s just maintaining the length like you said …

  21. Sharon says:

    I had my first blowout yesterday as well. I love it!! I had the same issue I wrapped it with a silk scarf (or so I thought) and It didn’t look bad but could looked better. How can I keep the curl because I tend to lose it the day after

  22. LaNegra says:

    Hey Sharon, I bet your hair looks really nice and feels like siiiiilk!
    Wrapping (dubi) will straighten your your curls. So, if you want to keep curls, then you have to do finger-curls or pin-curls. I just put a video up with a quickie tutorial. It’s easy to do and gives you a lot of body.

  23. L says:

    Thanks, and thanks for your opinion on it…I think my weekly idea was kind of crazy now that I read it again and read your response lol…

    I don’t relax, im all natural in that respect…before I was pregnant I’d use a color rinse once a month though…my hair is normally bleached with a red rinse overtop…the color rinse would have to be applied every month otherwise my hair would look pink lol

    red colored cellophanes seem to have better lasting effect for me though, the brown ones wash out really quickly for some reason…I haven’t aplied actual permanent dye to my hair in years, I have my own personal vendetta against it…

    im a bit of a cellophane junkie lol…

    but im going to try and stretch my blow outs longer so less shampooing so less cellophanes and keep it down to once a month at most…I just can’t deal with having “ugly” hair lol…im even trying to figure out if I can get away with having a doobie during labor so my hair will look nice afterwards LOL

  24. LaMorena_ says:

    okay so how does this sound

    Creme of Nature Moisturizing Shampoo
    Miss Key 10en1 Rinse or my baba de caracol rinse
    Baba de Caracol Conditioner

    Alfaparf Milano Real Cream Ph 4 Restructuring Mask – 2nd week of each mth

    Aphogee Reconstructor/Moisture Balance – 1st week of each mth
    and following this I’ll use my Halka Baba de Caracol again

    Roller sets with Aphogee Leave in mixed with my Halka Baba de Caracol

    Blow out roots with Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Cristalli Liquidi Illuminating Serum

  25. LaNegra says:

    It sounded good, up until I got to Alfaparf Milano Real Cream Ph 4 Restructuring Mask – 2nd week of each mth then Aphogee Reconstructor/Moisture Balance – 1st week of each mth.
    In my opinion, that’s way too much reconstructing going on! Once a month, or even every OTHER month is more than adequate. If you use too much, you will notice that your hair will begin to get brittle and possibly begin to break off.

    You bought the products and want to use them correctly, right? So try using Alfaparf one month and then two months later use the Aphogee.

    As for the rest of your routine, no need to change unless you find that you prefer a different product. For instance, I no longer use white, creamy leave-ins, because they flake on my hair, making it look as if I have dandruff.

    Also, avoid putting more product in your hair until after you’re done blowing.

    Hope this helps,

  26. Shanik says:


    Reading your feedback for LaMorena. I would like to know if it’s okay to rotate my hot oil treatments every other week. Would this affect my hair in a negative way.

  27. LaNegra says:

    You shouldn’t have a problem. However, it’s important to pay attention to your hair and how it reacts.
    For instance, we know up front that using too much reconstructor is NOT good for our hair. We also know that kinky, or curly hair is typically dry, right? So, using moisturizing products are always welcomed. If you are not experiencing problems, go for it. Just watch and take note. If your hair is limp, or weighed down, then keep up what you’re doing. I do oil treatments only a couple of times a year and when I notice that I’m exra-dry-n-crunchy.

    But…you really shouldn’t have any problems :)

  28. Shanik says:

    You are the best!

  29. LaNegra says:

    Muchas gracias, guapa!!

  30. LaMorena_ says:

    Hmm, interesting. Will do. Thank you!

    I am still waiting on my prods to get here. They’ve shipped already. I also went ahead and purchased a Salerm set. The intensive moisuturizer and the leave in i think. To use after the reconstructuring treatments. I read somewhere online that alot of salons use these products. I’ll invest in UNA and Alter Ego garlic treatments at another time. Saving money to go home to SC and then to the Bronx with the mister and I refuse to let my hair look a mess. I will be on the plane with a scarf wrapped tight around my hair and shades [he laughs at me, but I am so serious].

    I still have to invest in a Pibbs 1500 blow dryer though. i am so … tempted to give into relaxer. It gets so hard to comb these roots of mine sometimes. Since I cant do a blowout I had to use a flat iron [hair ... please forgive me]. But i made it up to her by using the “baggie” method. I know this is going to sound crazy but I have to have moisture so i add a water based creme on my hair preferably olive oil creme moisturizer, i wrap it tightly, secure, and put a regular clear shower cap over my hair, then I wrap with my silk scarf. The result, supple-moisturized hair.

    Also, I know this is the wrong discussion, but when you want to do waves, like after a blowout, I twist my hair into neat bantu knots and secure for awhile and take them out … gorgeous.

    I’m curious about cellophanes now though. I wouldnt mind a clear one for extra shine.

  31. LaNegra says:

    I will never talk someone into getting a relaxer. Once you get one, it’s not so simple to go back to being natural, without shedding a few tears. Relaxers to fade, like cellophanes. So, if you decide to get one, it’s a marriage (not always made in heaven), which requires nurturing. It requires even MORE care to grow them out without losing all of your length.

    There is always the option of letting it grow out long enough to just chop off all of the relaxer
    but it is a viable option.

    Ok…you’re turn to hook me up. What are bantu knots?

    BTW, get yourself a big, ole floppy hat to wear over your headscarf when you’re in public. I learned this from a friend who would sooner slit her wrists than end up with frizzy hair. She would tie her hair down, then throw a stylist hat on top…always looked very nice ;)

  32. LaMorena_ says:

    okay, you’ve seen The Matrix right? Jada Pinkett. The twists/knots she had in her hair…that’s what they are. They can also be called twist outs.

    Basically. after a roller set if you wish, I section my hair [3 in the front, 2-3 on my sides, and 3 down the middle] I twist my hair as though i was twirling it around my finger. I coil it neatly, and tthen secure it [sometimes overnight]. In the morning or hours later, i uncoil them Finger tease them a little [position them just right] and voila.

  33. LaNegra says:

    Ok…guess what movie I’ll be renting this weekend? lol
    I vaguely remember her hair, but I’ll give it a try. That might be a great solution to my frizzy-gym-hair, me entiendes?

  34. LaMorena_ says:

    definitely. here is a link …

    she shows ways of protective styling

  35. LaNegra says:

    Hey, gracias guapa!! I am going to try doing the knots some time. It beats fighting with frizz, right?

  36. LaMorena_ says:

    It most certainly does!
    Once I started working out or the hair got frizzy I started twisting them for curls. Plus I was adding in more moisture and lessening my use of heat.

  37. Shanik says:

    Hello, LaMorena

    Thank you for educationing me to Healthy hair journey. com. I really enjoyed this website.


  38. LaMorena says:

    Okay it’s me again.
    I dont know how to create a topic. What are your opinions on Bionaza Kera Hair Premiere Brazilian Keratin System?

    They “puriphy” your hair, then they section it in fours, then again to make sure they completely distribute the product on the hair strands. Then, they dry your hair witha paddle brush and hair dryer. Then, they straighten your hair in small sections up to 5 times to keep it straight. And it stays straight and keratin infused for up to 24 weeks with some. I think they tell you to wait awhile before you wash, like 72 hours.


  39. LaNegra says:

    Hey amiga!
    I have never heard of that product specifically, but I did write a post on brazilian keratin treatments a while back:

    After reading it, let me know what you think :)

  40. Courtney says:

    Hi LaNegra !
    I feel late, haha. But I’m considering getting a Dominican blowout, but I keep hearing horror stories about the heat and how hot it was with the blow dryer! I’m on the fence, and I might just get a perm… Help?!

  41. LaNegra says:


    I recommend you try a blowout BEFORE a chemical. If you like the blowout, chances are you can continue to get it w/out chemically treating your hair.
    Or, you may decide, like I did, to relax your hair anyway to make your hair more manageable. Ultimately, it’s about keeping your hair healthy AND manageable.

    Let me know what you decide to do!
    Happy New Year!

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