Hairstylist Based in the UK

Ive been following your site for some time.  Im a hairstylist based
in the UK.
I was in New York in September and decided to take your advice and go
to a Dominican Salon.  I went to Rama’s beauty supply and bought some
products and went in to the Dominican Salon 2 doors down,  I can only
say that the set I had was amazing and my extension hair was fully
So I bought some products. I quite liked the silicone mix and have
used it on some clients and there extensions with really good
The consistency of the shampoo is quite odd! I then used a product
that has a snail on the pot!!!aMAZING!!! this product is truly
excellent with hair and especially on extensions! the only downfall is
that I live in London with no Dominican beauty supplies anywhere!!
I will continue to read your blog.
Claire xx

Hola amiga!!

I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to read this! Did you love RaMa? You had to. That place is addicting as a pair of Manolos lol.

I know the salon you’re talking about too, went there a few times, but the stylist that I knew is gone, so I go to places that are familiar to me.

Please, drop a note from time to time and share pics of your work. Perhaps you can represent dominican blowouts in UK, me entiendes? In the meantime, I’ll see if I can track down someone who sells/ships products to your area.

I prefer buying the products from stores, but if you find a good online store, it’s second best. :)

Muchos besos y embrazos,


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14 Responses to Hairstylist Based in the UK

  1. Debrah says:

    Omg I live in London 2 hackney n will love to get a Dominican blowout do u do dem beacsuse I need 1 dne fkn alot

  2. LaNegra says:

    I hope she see’s your post. I know how you feel when it’s impossible to find a stylist.

  3. Natasha says:

    I grew up in the Caribbean on my island all our stylists were from Santo Domingo.

    Claire I ordered dominican products from the shipping is around £10 yes £10 but they arrive by DHL in TWO DAYS!!!!

    I like silicon mix but I’m especially enjoying Alter Ego Garlic Conditioner and Alopecil Rosemary and cinammon oil and shampoo.

    At the moment I have virgin natural hair but from a few tutorials online I’ve learnt how to roller set virgin natural hair.

    I had to have my mom send me Diane slide in clips as they are not here in the UK at all.

    Shout out to anyone who knows a Dominican stylist in the UK. We’re desperate for a rollerset and blowdry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    La Negra please relay my email to Claire maybe she can try a blowout on my hair. lol

  4. LaNegra says:

    Bluebeez is good. I have purchased a number of things from them and can say that they are very quick!
    I’m going to pass your message on :)

    If you find a Dominicana in the UK, PLEASE let me know so I can share with everyone else :)

    Mil besos

  5. sarah says:

    i think might have found one….…i doo not live in london but am looking online for one cause i am moving there from domincan republic

  6. Tenika says:

    I found this website
    Im not sure if it is legit but I will be very happy if it is.

  7. deborah says:

    sarah and tenika God bless you finally i can go and get my hair done am s happy love this website

  8. Hey Guys!!! Where have I been, ok so I am going to order some more Dominican Products, I use them a lot on my Black and Mixed race Clients and on European damaged hair. I love Baba De Caracol and actually think that I prefer it to Silicone Mix.

    I have just started doing my signature service, extensions and weaves in an Amazing central london salon. I am going to be better at coming back to this site because I do love it, just been a bit busy recently. if anyone wants to contact me its


    p.s Le Negra once again I love your site :)

  9. LaNegra says:

    Hey Claire! People in the UK have been asking about your services. The link to your site doesn’t work; get that fixed! :)

  10. claire says:

    Hiya Hun, sorry the site is currently under construction.!! I’ve ordered my products and I’m going to do a weekly blow out!
    I am so excited about getting them! What I plan to do is start using them on some clients and friends and post pictures for you guys to see!?

    Claire x

  11. LaNegra says:

    No problem, mamita. Let me know when it’s up and running. Also, hook me up with a coupon to post on my site ;)

  12. Trinisoul says:

    there are quite a few people that would love to have this service. Claire once your sit is ready please post. http://
    . Site is not openining.

  13. Cotica says:

    Please, where Anas Peluqueria is located. I cannot open the website.Thank you.

  14. Cotica says:

    I need the location of Anas Peluqueria…Please, email me at Thanks

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