Hair and The City (NYC)

Hi I just moved from Ohio to NYC and found this blog while
looking for a place to get my hair done. I’m black and have short
hair. I am used to getting relaxers but haven’t been in awhile due to
how expensive it is in the city. I went to a place in Brooklyn after
finding it online and had a very bad experience. I thought about doing
it myself but I am no good with  that either.

a friend told me about going to a Dominican salon so I went searching
online and found this site.

I am wondering where are some good places inNYC to get my hair done.
Isa blow out even good for short hair? It comes down to mid cheek.
although it was cut in a style before but i want to just grow it out,
but keep it straight. Any info will be very helpful! and thanks!


Hi Mary,

I’m sorry you had a bad hair experience :( That’s always scary and can sometimes prevent us from seeking further hair care.

My favorite salon in NYC right now is D’Colors on 2nd Avenue between 117th and 118th street. It’s the one closest to 118th street (there’s another salon right next door AND across the street – ONLY IN NYC WOULD YOU SEE THIS lol).

I had my hair done there recently, so I know most of the stylists working there. My favorite is Marybel. Chuli is good too.

I will tell you that if your hair is long enough to wrap on a rolo, they will be able to hook you up. If you intend on going regularly, then once a week, preferrably every other week would be good. Make sure you get deep conditioners each time. If you frequent one stylist, let her get to know your hair then ask her what she recommends. Marybel is very good about mixing conditioners to mee the needs of her clients. She’s also very gentle with the hair and doesn’t over cut when you get a trim.

Let me know what you think of the salon; I’m always interested in hearing feedback: good or bad.



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