Growing out my relaxer. I want to going natural

Ever since I started college, my lengthy hair has been
breaking and falling out due to stress. My dominican hair stylist told
me that my hair isn’t really that coarse and that I should go natural.
I have been natural for over 8 months. I know my relaxed ends are
gonna break off, but I’ve been watching youtube videos concerning this
topic and most of the girls on there went natural with no heartache or
anything. They kept their relaxed ends healthy and their hair grew
long! But they did their hair by theirselves by flat ironing the
roots. Should I continue to go to the Dominican Salon or should I do
my hair? The blow dryers are very hot and I feel like that is going to
due even more damage to my transitioning hair, especially to my ends.
I could be wrong tho. I really don’t want to loose my long hair. Are
blowouts safe for my transitioning hair or should I take a break and
due my own hair by flat ironing my roots? Please help me with an
honest answer. I am very worried about my hair.

Hola Guapa,

First of all, you want an honest answer. Now really, would I give you anything BUT an honest answer? Never (muah!)

So, here’s the deal…

It is a little easier to go from relaxed hair to natural if your hair is less coarse, simply because coarser hair is way more delicate to begin with.
So, by relaxing it, it becomes that much more fragile. That means the coarser the hair, the more difficult the transition, usually.
However, that’s not to say it cannot be done, just requires a whole LOT of patience.

Now, if you are trying to pick your poison…blower vs flatiron…you have to decide how much confidence you have in your stylist.

Hard pill to swallow, right?

I LOVE my stylist, back in NYC. However, I have become so comfortable doing my own hair that even when she does it, I’ve been known to take her blower and do my OWN hair. I know my hair; know what works for my hair and know how to care for it myself. That makes a huge difference when you are considering transitioning.

Here’s why…

Consider the fact that most Dominican salons are first-come-first-serve, no appointment necessary. They make more money when they can complete more heads of hair. So….if you walk in and you’re transitioning from relaxer to natural, you are going to require extra time while their putting in your rollers, or when they are blowing you out.
As the natural hair grows longer, it requires the stylist to be more patient and perhaps work through the knots a little slower, otherwise there will be more breakage.

Also, as the new growth takes over, it will be thicker than the relaxed hair, so the stylist may blow a little longer, and possibly apply a little extra tension to the hair in order to get the same slick results.

You know that I’m a huge advocate of avoiding direct heat, such as hot curlers and flat irons, but depending on how thick your hair is and how often you intend to wear your hair straight, the flat iron may be a viable option, as won’t require tension on the hair. The downside is…you’ll have the direct heat on your hair.

Ultimately, you have to weigh your options. Unless you can learn to do your hair and love the results, you may be at someone’s else’s mercy, but again…it goes back to how much confidence you have in your stylist.

Gee, I really didn’t answer your question, did I?

Amiga, it’s a tough, personal decision. At the end of the day, I can only set the pros/cons before you and pray you make the right choice. I try to steer clear of misleading anyone. I just share what my thoughts and tell you what LaNegra would do in that situation.

Just remember, it’s possible to maintain your length providing that your hair is managed properly, conditioned regularly and handled with kid gloves.

Suerte amiga!


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One Response to Growing out my relaxer. I want to going natural

  1. KLP says:


    Congrats on your decision to go natural! I see that you’ve done some research on YouTube, but I want to remind you that not all kinky curls are the same. The best thing for you to do is figure out what is best for your tresses and don’t get discouraged!

    Its definitely possible to transition without severe breakage. I believe that the first step is to find a protein treatment that agrees with your tresses. Aphogee’s 2 step protein treatment is awesome at reinforcing the line of demarcation (the place where your natural curly texture meets your relaxed texture). Always always always follow-up with a moisturizing conditioner. (I <3 Halka Baba De Caracol)

    Let's talk styling: You can wear your hair straight by either:
    #1: wash, deep condition, rolos, blow roots OR
    #2: wash, deep condition, air dry, flat iron
    I recommend air drying to keep some of that heat off those curls. :)

    Since you're already a YouTube diva, look up a few air dry/no heat/low manipulation styles. You'd be surprised to see how many there are out there. Some of my faves are braid-outs, bantu knots, and flexirods.

    La Negra is right about finding a stylist that you have confidence in. If you don't have one…become one. No one can detangle your nuevo crecimiento like you can!

    Buena Suerte!

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