Formaldehyde and Keratin

Hello, Just found this site by chance and have found the contents very helpful. I want to comment about The Brazilian Keratin Treatment and formaldehyde. I am an African Woman with very curly hair and have the treatment to soften my curly tresses. I understand the controversy about formeldehyde used in the treatment but also want to inform you that many products that we use daily contains formaldehyde, i.g., soap, body wash, lotion, toothpaste, cleaning products( used with different names but formaldehyde none the less). Even the furniture in our homes are treated with formaldehyde. Why, you might be asking? Formaldehyde is a preservative. We can’t escape it but we can of course be educated about the amounts of formaldehyde that we are exposed to.
I love my Brazilian Treatment and use a brand that gives me the same results but without the formaldehyde.
Food for Thought.

Hola bella,

I enjoyed reading your commentary, regarding formaldehyde. I totally agree that formaldehyde is used in a bevvy of products and you’re also correct in stating that it’s used as a preservative. For me, the fear is based on the fact that when Keratin treatments first came out, face masks and industrial face masks had to be used during application. That did not set well with me. However, I admit that you do have me intrigued. I wouldn’t mind trying it once :)

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  1. LaMonet says:

    Hi, I’m new!

    I’ve never tried a brazilian keratin treatment and I really want to. I’ve been going to Dominican salons on and off for two years. I’ve been transitioning for almost a year now , but I did get a text-lax a few months ago. I really want to grow my hair back out. ( down to my mid back at least), but it get’s really dry and breaks off at the ends. My hair is mucho mucho thick and curly. I think domincan salons are the last hope I have left in reaching my hair growth goal.

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