First Dominican Blowout

Im young & I jus got my 1st ever Dominican Blowout & my hair looks extremely pretty, soft, silky and just beautiful ! I got ALOT of comments which made me feel good, so I just want to know how to maintain it. I have the following to wrap & seal my hair:
1) Large hair clips
2) Silk/Satin Head Wrap
3) Non-silk scarf
4) Satin pillow case from Sally’s
Also, I sleep with the fan on! I usually sweat, but this time I haven’t, thank God. I would really like you to help me maintain a salon-fresh style! Just for the two-weeks until I go back to JCPenny’s to get it re-done :) Thank you, talk to you when I do L!

Hola quapa! JCP does Dominican blowout?!!!! (insert shocked emoticon) lol

At any rate…You have all of the tools you need. The key is the dubi, doobie, wrap…whatever you want to call it.  Get that hair wrapped around your head and keep it nice-n-slick.

I don’t use a satin pillow case, instead, I use a 100% silk headscarf. That keeps my bobby pins in place and keeps my ends smooth. That’s all nena. You master that dubi and your blowout will last :)

Mil besos!


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  1. jazzma says:

    What JCPenny did you go to and who was your stylist?

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