Daughter’s Hair

Hi.. i am convinced my daughter cannot tolerate relaxer. Her hair is like sheepswool. Lovely thick kinky but when relaxed it breaks quickly after a week or two of heat application. She wants the silky swingly look..but she only gets that look by sew ins. What to do.

Hola mujer,

How old is your daughter? I know lots of women LOVE to have their daughter’s hair straight and “swinging,” but I really do not believe in relaxing a child’s head. Children are usually active (usually). With, that said…I don’t know anything about sew ins, so can’t give any advice in that area.

Relaxing is NOT for everyone, but not everyone is good for every single patron. Have you tried different stylists? Reason I ask is, my cousin has really kinky hair, but it’s very fine and fragile. The first stylist she went to broke her hair off. She went a second time…same thing.

After several months of nursing her hair, she tried a new stylist at the same salon, but this time her hair thrived. Her hair is always going to be fine, but finding a good stylist is key.

Also, regardless to whether or not hair is natural, relaxed or permed…it need consistent conditioning.

Hope this helps and feel free to get back to me,


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