Silicon Mix, Apretadora and More

I recently mentioned to a reader here, that I was going through my hair closet.

I need to be kicked, because I have a lot of products that I haven’t touched in months. Some have not even been opened yet: Apretadora, Silicon Mix, Aciete de Moska. I feel like I hit won the lottery.

I forgot all about my beloved apretadora! Mi madre lo me compró Apretadora cuando visitó DR. My mother picked up one jar in DR and I used it a few times, trying to ration it, because I couldn’t get any when I was in school, so I used it sparingly.

She rarely goes to DR, so this stuff had to last me until…well, until I could get to NYC, or afford to buy some online (on a student’s budget – NOT!).

Entonces, I ended up finding a jar of apretadora from DR and another jar made in Jersey, which was just a medicating – yes, it’s the junky in me; what can I say?

Apretadora was my best friend during the summers. I used to put it on about half an hour before I washed my hair. When I was done, my hair felt so soft.


Faviola Carrect – I cannot remember the last time I used this one either, but I used this after I washed my hair and if memory serves me well, my hair thanked me for it.


I used to swear by Silicon Mix when my hair was in bad shape, but I think that I prefer Aphogee now. Una blanca in Sally’s told me about Aphogee. I thought to myself, “What does this white girl know about kinky hair?” Pero, when my friend, who is mixed and has a mini-salon set up in her house said that she used religiously, the week before relaxing, I decided to give it a shot. I’m glad I did.

I’m going to try Silicon Mix next time I intend to relax, as well as Alter Ego – I like to give a product at least 3 tries before deciding to stash it, or trash it.

There are a few more things that I pulled out, but I didn’t have time to take pics. There are also some products that I’d like to try, such as whale sperm. Yep, that’s what I wrote, “w-h-a-l-e  s-p-e-r-m.”

If you have tried  product, I’d love to hear your thoughts. In fact, if you have trash-it or stash-it experience, I’d love to hear about them, regardless to whether or not it’s a dominican product. I know I’m not the only addicted to buying hair care products!

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18 Responses to Silicon Mix, Apretadora and More

  1. Vxxen says:

    I LOVE this website i write down everything! lol im trying to get my hair to grow. its near my cheekbones i want more lol!

  2. LaNegra says:

    Hi Vxxen, I’m glad you like the site.
    What’s up with your hair? What is your regular hair routine? How often do you get a trim? What treatments do you use?

  3. Vxxen23 says:

    Wow, i was checkin and forgot about this. I wash my hair every 4-5 days. i shampoo and condition. but i use an oil treatment and first. then after the shampoo i condition again. i get a trim once every2-3 months.

  4. LaNegra says:

    I shampoo no more than once a week, because I end up with major frizz, but I do rinse my hair and condition often, especially have aerobic days at the gym.

  5. Vxxen23 says:

    Yeah. me too

  6. lindamorena says:

    La negra when you are blowing your roots do you use a special spreay or something that you spray just on your root after you take out your rolos. if so what do you use?

  7. LaNegra says:

    No!!! I never put anything on my hair once the rolos are out, until AFTER I have completely blown my hair.
    I use a leave-in just before putting in rolos and then a serum or finishing creme and/or glosser after blowing, but I never, ever put anything in my hair while blowing. That’s like throwing an egg onto a frying pan….can you smell the sizzle? LOL

  8. lindamorena says:

    I asked because at the dominican salons i go to here in south florida. they alway spray UNA reconstructor spray on the roots as they blow it out..

  9. LaNegra says:

    Hmmm, that’s the first I ever heard of that, but perhaps the reconstructor won’t fry the hair. My mother’s stylist was an old-school stylist from DR and she always insisted that you never use product on the hair until AFTER it was completely blown out. However, I’m going to look into the UNA and get back to you. I cannot imagine using a reconstructor on a regular basis, but ya know I’m not big on using reconstructors too frequently.

  10. Anntanessa says:

    Hola ! … Staying up @ nite being bored as hell actually paid off .. Thanks God Id found this . I need your help ,I live in Las Vegas and its get extremely hot & my hair is completely dry out! I order silicon mix shampoo, “lacio lacio ” leave in conditioner too from .Is its true that products from this website are not the original ones that are made in Dr? if not, dose its work the same way as well ? If not can u please help me out! None my family members live over there no more ( and Im bout ready to deportado one of them back just to get me my products. .lol ; )

  11. LaNegra says:

    Anntanessa (pretty name), I have not heard anything about the products from Bluebeez being anything, but authentic. I have ordered them and use them all of the time.

    As for dry hair, I think you need to invest in really good moisturizers: Humecto, and Rolland UNA’s Moisturizing Masque are really good. Lacio Lacio is a good leave-in, but you need to do deep, moisturizing treatments to put moisture in and then use lacio lacio just before you put your rolos in.

  12. Anntanessa says:

    Thanks =} …( I always thought my name was odd but I’m half Dominican,so it’s okay to have an name like that. ) Thanks for your advice I truly appreciated it.But what’s are your favorite Dominican’s moisturizers ?

  13. LaNegra says:

    My favorite moisturizer is Humecto. It’s the one that I turn to first, when I see that my hair is dry.

  14. Dolcezza says:

    Thanks for all your sight! I’m loving your blog and learning soo soo much.
    Have you ever used “La Plancha”?
    I just bought it today to test it out.
    Dominicana de Florida

  15. LaNegra says:

    Ohhh I have been wondering about La Plancha!
    I haven’t tried it, but I’ll be waiting anxiously, to know what you think :D

  16. SONIA says:


  17. LaNegra says:

    Hola Sonia en Brazil!! No puedo escribir en portuguese, pero lo entendí. He encontrado Silicon Mix en ebay. Creo que se puede comprarlos productos y ellos pueden enviarlos a brazil…

    Ojala que me entiendes!



  18. SONIA says:

    olá!! LANEGRA,entendi o seu recado e já acessei e espero resposta deles.Pois não tenho a menor noçao de compras para o exterior.Mas valeu muito trocar informaçao com voce!!FOI MASSA(COMO FALAMOS AQUI EM BRASIL).BJS!!! SONIA

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