Goodies from New York City

Hey guapas!

I finally made my trip home, to the big apple. It was the best/worst trip I ever had.

The best, because there’s nothing like walking into a beauty supply store in the city and knowing that you’re going to find your list of products. You also know that if the first shop doesn’t have what you’re looking for, then the next one will.

The worst part of the trip was knowing when to stop putting products on the counter!

I kept grabbing stuff off of shelves, as if there was a prediction of famine.

Ok, so here’s a sad thing that I learned. My number 1 shampoo has been changed and the new formula STINKS!. I love the smell and fragrance of countless shampoos, but I always keep a bottle of Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo on hand. Unfortunately, someone decided that we, the consumers, don’t know what we like, so they decided that they were going to change a good thing.

Why do I mention this? Well, because I ended up buying a gallon, yes a gallon, of my shampoo. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but it should buy me some time until I find another tried-and-true shampoo.

Anyway, I ended up buying and trying a BUNCH OF STUFF while back in NYC (damn, miss it already) and I’m going to try to update and review everything.

I stopped my #1 Beauty Supply Store, Ra-Ma on the upper west side and hit 2 or three on the east side too.

dominicanblowout_082609_pro3 dominicanblowout_082609_pro2
dominicanblowout_082609_pro dominicanblowout_082609

Ok, so what did I buy?

1. Wheat Germ Vegetable Protein (Germen de Trigo)

2. Whale Sperm (yes, I wrote s-p-e-r-m) I have heard a lot about this, can’t wait to try.

3.  Baba de Caracol Intensive Deep Treatment

4. UNA by Rolland Mosturizing Masque

5. Turbo 4000 Blower (will be adding review on this one really soon).

6. Got more stuff, but still have to dig it out of my car.

7. Oh, and let’s not forget the Gallon of Creme of Nature Detangling Shampoo, right?

On a different note, I am thinking about putting a semi-permanent color in my hair. I find that Jazzing stained my clothes a lot and Sebastian is no longer available. Anyone have any recommendations?

I’m also going to keep layers. I have never been a fan of layers in my hair, but recently (since I had it cut for surgery in January) I find that I love layers. They cut down on drying time and my hair doesn’t puff as badly.

Anyway, I’m going to have to get cracking on the blow dryer review. You all stay tuned ;)

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29 Responses to Goodies from New York City

  1. justicefighter1913 says:

    Hey girly! Glad that you got the chance to go back home. I”m sooooo glad that you posted those photos of the shop b/c the next time I’m in NYC, I’m stocking up too! Looks like they have a lot!

    Also, please make sure to provide reviews of these products if you get a chance. I’d like to know how that whale sperm works and the Baba de caracol.

    Thanks! Love the blog!

  2. LaNegra says:

    Hey Justice!! Long time no see :D
    Ra-Ma is my favorite hair place for two reasons:
    1. The have just about everything I need in one location.
    2. No offense to anyone, but it’s annoying as heck to go into a Korean owned beauty supply store, because they only sell the products, don’t really know how to use them, or what they are good for. Plus, if you purchase a big ticket item, such as a blower, they tell you, “Store cwedit! No re-fun! Store cwedit onry!”

    And don’t worry, I’m planning on doing a review on everything I purchased ;)

  3. justicefighter1913 says:

    LOL…I know…I’ve been moving girl, and it isn’t fun! Blah

    So are you telling me that the folks working in this shop know how to use the products and they can tell me which product is for what purpose?! Yes!!!
    I must go there! and Yes!!! Looking forward to your reviews :)

  4. LaNegra says:

    Ewww, moving. I just got done with that myself :P Good luck.

    Ok Ra-Ma is owned by dominicanos and while the lady who is there every time I go has not personally used all of products, she uses a lot of them and is WAY more helpful. The Korean owned stores carry a lot of product, but they often tell you incorrect information and are only worried about an immediate sale. That’s just my opinion, but Ra-Ma is the store for me.

  5. Anitra says:

    Hey Mama,
    Glad to see you back on. I know your trunk was FULL to the top!! I’m gonna get the exact address of Ra-Ma and hopefully I can make it uptown next month when I go.
    I have some reviews coming as well, when the munchkins let me come up for air! They actually have the whale sperm down here at my store. After you do your review, I’ll decide whether or not to pick it up!


  6. LaNegra says:

    You have whale sperm out where you are?! Wow! That’s pretty impressive.
    Well, I’m going to try to get around to using that in the next few days. I’ll keep ya posted and will be looking forward to your reviews too :D

  7. LaMorena says:

    Don’t knock the Whale Sperm. I recently ordered some from I was so embarassed though when I forgot I purchased it, took it out, and everyone saw it, including my boyfriend. They all think I am crazy, but the stuff is good. Anything to keep the hair in tip top condition I say. But its a great place to buy alot of products that either can’t be found anymore and older professional products such as Sebastians. I also have the Halka Baba de Caracol Intensive Treatment (the combo set actually). Girl, you will L-O-V-E- the way your hair is going to feel. Again, I bought the set and love the feel of my hair everytime.

    I’m still on this road to longer hair, I am so excited and so happy I found these products. I have never had an American brand shampoo/conditioner whatever, leave my hair with so much slip, shine, sway, everything the way these have.

  8. LaNegra says:

    Ok, so you tried it AND you ordered from (had been curious about them). Well, I’m going to give my whale sperm a try soon :D

  9. Anitra says:

    Yes can you believe the little beauty supply way down here actually has it??
    My girlfriend is taking me to a HUGE beauty supply in Durham. The space they’re in used to house a furniture store. That should give you an idea of the size. I hope I don’t pass out! They’re supposed to have Dominican products, so I’ll let you know what I pick up.
    Can’t wait for the whale sperm review so I know if I should satisfy my curiosity or not! :)

  10. LaMorena says:

    Yes. I ordered my whale sperm conditioner from them. I also ordered the Apretador you mentioned. I wouldn’t suggest the Una Bomba w/ Aguacate. I didn’t like the way it left my hair feeling. The leave in from the baba de caracol is the best. I haven’t tried Lacio Lacio. I read reviews how it was only good for shine.

    They are a pretty good company. I’m stationed overseas right now, so I only hate that it took so long to get here.

    But anywho slab on some whale sperm. I hope you like it.

  11. L says:

    I like the miss key and stoken gold cellophanes because they’re thick…the american brands are all watery…the Dominican ones are thick like mud lol…I’ve tried using jazzling and it sucked…

  12. LaNegra says:

    Ohhh, thank you for sharing. I’ll have to look into these. I’ll have to check online, because the stores in NYC didn’t have much, other than Jazzing and like you, I’m not impressed with jazzing.

  13. LaNegra says:

    Wow, looks like I missed a lot of comments. Sorry you all.

    Anyway, I am STILL waiting to use my whale sperm and you’d better believe I plan on “SLABBING” it on. lol

  14. danysedai says:

    Hola La Negra! I haven’t visited your blog in a while, loving your hair! I am dying of envy here in Canada,looking at all those shelves stocked with beloved dominican products.
    Isn’t the “esperma de ballena” just an incorrect translation of sperm whale? I think the substance is calles spermaceti and is found in the head of sperm whales, it’s not actually know…of the whale, so everybody can rest assured and use it! lol
    Have you tried Alfaparf Rigen, my dominican friend brought me some and I love it love it love it, even more than my beloved Alter Ego. I’m using the conditioning treatment, but I am looking for the Rigen Real Cream, I highly recommend it.
    keep up the good work, me gusta mucho!
    cubanita en Canada :)

  15. LaNegra says:

    Dany! Como estas mujer? You know, I have to always stock up on products when I go to NYC, because
    I don’t have access to much where I live now.

    Seguramente “esperma de ballena” is a loose translation (which exactly why I shy away from writing Spanish LOL) but I tu lo sabes, que no nos importa, as long as the product works, right ;)

    Oh, you’re killing me….Alfaparf Rigen? I’m making a note to myself. I’ll be trying this next and will be on the lookout for Rigen Real Cream; is it a deep conditioner?

    Please, don’t be a stranger. Drop me a note just to let me know how what you’re up to.


  16. L says:

    I don’t know how often you come to NYC or where you go, but I kind of assume you visit the heights lol…my favorite beauty supply near where I live has a variety of cellophanes from DR…it’s located on St.Nick between 179th and 180th and it’s called Infinity Beauty Supply (I had to look on google street view for the name, and I go there constantly, it’s sad), it’s right under Lucille Roberts…the last time I went they had 3 or 4 different brands of them from DR.

    Hopefully that helps if you can wait till the next time you come to the city; because it tends to be a lot cheaper to purchase them here then online.

  17. LaNegra says:

    Hey mamita! Good looking out. I think I’m going to be up there for Christmas. I’ll definitely stop in and let you know how my hair turns out.

    Muchos besos!

  18. Mizz Brooklyn says:

    wow, jus surfn hair products and found this blog….great read.. I love da whale sperm supplies from DR. I used to live in brooklyn,l then it was at my fingertips, but now im n NC and cannot find it. I just found a DR salon in Winston Salem, but they don’t have the products on hand.. I am soo gonna get up on the webist that is listed beuatyofnewyork and c what’s gud. Its funny how when we relocate we still got to go to the CITY 2 get all the stuff we need. My moms tells me all the time I should move back cuz when I visit trunk be glad I aint da only 1 going all the way to NY for hair products and other little stuff. GOTTA LOV NY

  19. LaNegra says:

    Bienvenidos a BROOKLYN!
    I have to have a moment of silence That’s for all of us NYC gals, who have relocated and have to smuggle hair goods back like we’re on America’s Most Wanted.

    I still haven’t opened my jar of whale sperm, but I tried UNA Hair Masque last night and it’s divine!
    What salon are you going to? You need to come back to give us the rundown.


  20. Shanik says:

    Hello, LaNegra

    Today before I did my work-out I Pin-curled my hair and when I finished OMG…nice alot of bounce with body. Thank you.

  21. LaNegra says:

    No why, WHY did you NOT take a photo? LOL

  22. Mizz Brooklyn says:

    Hey LaNegra,
    Sorry it took so long to come back. LOL I almost forgot about this until I thought about the whale sperm. lol LOL Yeah but the name of the salon is INNOVATIONS, Dominican owned and it is in Winston Salem North Carolina. They charge about $25. oo for a blowout and it is always Packed (Member Maribels in Brooklyn, how it would always ALWAYS be Jam Packed) but they have like three Shampoo Girls and Three Stylists and its in and out. And Once I told them I was from Brooklyn. It was a wrap. They be feeding me now. lol lol arroz con leche and Pene Pene is my fav…I was raised around alot of Ricans In Bushwick of Brooklyn so I know all about the food and they be hooking me up. But I have visited the website and prices are reasonable. so I am gonna see when the funds get better about getting me some whale sperm, I’ve used it in the past and it always did my hair LOVELY LOVELY

  23. Radha says:

    Hey there! Good to see a fellow quisqueyana sharing very good hair info :-) Out of curiosity, what part of NC do you live in? I noticed you posted a salon in Raleigh and I live in Jacksonville so just wondering where you are writing from. Thank you for the info and keep up the good work!

  24. LaNegra says:

    Nada pasa mija! I’ve been slow to respond too :)
    I need to get an address for Innovations; the prices are like NYC, which is rare. Most of the dominican salons try to hike up the prices once they get out of the city.

    ROFL@ “Arroz con leche”

  25. LaNegra says:

    Hola Radha, I’m not in the carolinas; I got a request for a salon and posted it. Do you know of any other dominican salons out your way.

  26. Radha says:

    There’s a girl at the Red Cast Salon in Jacksonville, NC that knows how to do the DBO but I haven’t gone yet (afraid to even find out what the “upscale” salon prices are)

  27. LaNegra says:

    Gracias. I’ll see if I can find the address, but know what you mean about “upscale” prices.

  28. Radha says:

    In case you hadn’t decided on a semi-permanent yet, Alter Ego makes excellent permanent and semi-permanent products. They leave no nasty chemical smell and my hair always comes out really soft after dying it. Hope that helps!

  29. Laura says:

    looking for Innovation Hair Salon in winston salem… MiZZ Brooklyn, can you provide more info?

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