UPDATE: Magdalena Unisex, Monroeville

Hey chicas!

So, I wanted to give an update on this salon. I posted the 20% off if this site was mentioned a while back.
Well, I decided to take a drive to the salon, ask about the offer and was SHOCKED!

1. The guy working the desk never heard of the site…no biggie, right? But how are you offering a coupon when your peeps are not honoring it.
2. The owner, Antonio is now at their OTHER salon in CT.

Now, I also noticed that the stylists seemed to have gotten away from what made them popular, the DOMINICAN BLOW OUT!
Just about everyone who was there was getting a traditional blowout with the “bump up” at the ends.

Needless to say, I will NOT be getting my hair done there and no longer recommend the salon.

The end.

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