Dominican Salon Sighting in NC!

I found a new dominican salon in Greensboro, NC.  It’s in the back of a nail salon called The Nail Place.  Hello, *Dominican salon sighting*

It’s located at 3711 High Point Road, for those in the know, it’s the TJ Maxx shopping center.  The phone# is (919) 638-8207 and the sign out front is advertising doobie’s for $15.00.  I haven’t been, so no co-sign from me; but there was quite a line out front.  That’s usually a good sign.


Good looking out Kandi!

If you get your hair done there, let us know. $15.00 for a dubi?! I cannot even get it that cheap in NYC anymore. LOL

Can you also find out the name of the salon, so I can add it to the maps? Gracias!

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42 Responses to Dominican Salon Sighting in NC!

  1. Morenita 1974 says:

    I live in High Point and the Nail Place is my nail spot. I haven’t tried the hair salon YET but hope to this saturday :o )

  2. LaNegra says:

    Ok mamita, keep us posted!

  3. Kimmie says:

    Its about time!! I’m so excited!! Will definitely post an update after my visit.

  4. LaNegra says:

    Make sure you do! :)

  5. ayanna says:

    Evelyn is the lady that does the Dominican Wraps in Greensboro. She was at The Nail Shop but has moved up the street…still on High Point Road. She is located at 2800 High Point Road. In the Alexander Devarux Building for those of you familiar with Greensboro. Her number is 919-638-8207.

  6. LaNegra says:

    Gracias mujer!

  7. tt says:

    YESS!! I just called yesterday looking for the salon & the nail place said she’d moved but he didn’t know where to!!! this is WONDERFUL!!!!!!! How ironic!!

  8. LaNegra says:

    If you go…please, let me know what you think.

  9. Snookey 62 says:

    Good looking out Kandi-style i just came back from Orlando with my new Dominican do & have been searching for a salon to go to as a follow up. I did at least buy some deep conditioner with Olive Oil from them . Arelis is the name. It is a mother and daughter team mother does not speak any English. Just tell her you want sexy hair. She’ll smile . that address is 9318 E Colonial Dr. . 407-381-8111 . I am happy to exchange this inform as a return gift. Thanks

  10. Kandi-STYLE says:

    I tried to go but they don’t do natural hair :-(

  11. LaNegra says:

    Kandi, I’m so sorry :(
    However, consider yourself lucky. I cannot stand when people KNOW that they are not capable of providing a service, but are willing to ruin a head of hair for a few bucks.

  12. LaNegra says:

    Gracias Snookey!

  13. MissThang says:

    I went to Evelyn of High Point Road in Greensboro (Alexander Deverau Bldg) to have a Dominican Wrap done. She does not do the Blow Out with the blow dryer and the flat irons which is what I was used to getting, however I decided to give it a try and was VERY pleased. She roller set my hair and then I sat under the hair dryer, I was thinking my hair would come out thick and puffy but to my surprise it was so bouncy and shiny. I thought I was going to break my neck swinging my hair. LOL. She seemed to care about my hair that’s one reason why she doesn’t do the blow out with the blow dryer because it too much heat, so to promote healthier hair she does the roller sets and deep conditioning. Either way I LOVE IT.. I’m sold. The next day after I wrapped my hair overnight it was even more prettier. Thanks Evelyn and I will be back.

  14. ms-jsa says:

    I have been trying to find sum1 do domincian blowouts every since I got back from dc. I just called evelyn and scheduled an appointment…we’ll see how it goes.

  15. LaNegra says:

    Hey amiga, let me know how it turns out!

  16. Sassy says:

    I have been reading and reading abt dominican this and that.. I have dominican products that i use personally at home. Although I am a licensed cosmo myself, and more than capable and knowledgable to maintain styles and the health of my own hair. It feels good to be able to sit in someone elses hair to be pampered and someone that you can trust.. I have found that in Evelyn.. I’m hooked I’ve went from years of not letting someone else do my hair to going to Evelyn’s on a weekly basis.. Give her a try, she’s great..

  17. LaNegra says:

    The fact that you are licensed as a cosmetologist and rate Evelyn highly speaks volumes!
    I wish I lived close by :)

  18. Crystal says:

    Thanks so much ladies! I’ve lived in Greensboro since 2001 & wasn’t too familiar with a Dominican wrap at all until recently. Ironically I saw a banner in front of the Alexander Devereaux bldg. over a week ago & saved the number in my phone. I was skeptical so I hadn’t called it yet. I was still trying to do my research. Everytime I asked someone about a shop close by, they only knew about the one in Winston-Salem. Thank you Kandi for posting this! I also agree with LaNegra regarding Sassy going to Evelyn although she has her own cometology license. That says a lot and I will make an appointment. Thanks again ladies :)

  19. indianflower29 says:

    well i go to a dominican by the name of jackie,,,who is my 2md mom,,,i love her have been going to her since 06 and want stop she is located in high point,she use to be in the nail place,,but left a while back,,her ph# is 336-988-4631 and she alos does the keratin treatments,,that have your hair so silky and beautiful!!!! try her out i bet you will def go back !

  20. BonitaBoricua says:

    Thanks too yhu all , I’ve been tryin too find dominican products &nd salons for the longest yo!Lol muchas qracias .

  21. Shaniqua Renee says:

    I recently went to the Dominican Wrap Salon on High Point and they did a wonderful job. The salon was very clean and all of the stylist work together as a team. I could tell that all them love what they do. I was a little unsure at first but I made the appointment anyway, and I ‘m glad I did. They are affordable and quick. I walked in and was able to get washed right away.

  22. Amanda says:

    Hi all! I have an amazing stylist in Greensboro her name is Marina she works in a salon downtown! YES she does natural; me, my mom, 2 sisters, & friend get her blow outs and we are all natural with different hair textures! The number to the salon is: 3362730025

  23. Maria del Carmen says:

    Hi guys,
    I’m Dominican living in Greensboro, which has been very hard for me (and my hair). I actually came straight here from D.R. and I was used to going to the salon about 2 to 3 times a week (it’s DIRT cheap), but once I got here I had to face reality and had to actually figure out how to deal with my own hair. It’s been tough, but I’m doing it! Before I started doing my own hair I had many encounters with various stylists in the area. I actually have this lady in Fayetteville who is WONDERFUL!! I honestly don’t even know if she has a license, but she works out of her house, and I can definitely recommend her. I have never been there to actually just blow my hair out; I normally just go to get it relaxed, but haven’t been there in about 1 year and a half since I’m cutting down on the relaxing. Someone previously mentioned Jackie (in High Point), and I had my experience with her and wasn’t too pleased. She claims to have come from doing hair in NYC for like 25 years or something, but she didn’t convince me at all. She sat me in the dryer, blow dried my hair, THEN flat ironed it!! Talk about HEAT! Then she kept hawking that Keratin stuff (which I’ve heard HORROR stories about). So, one time I went to this one lady by recommendation of her niece, who I know… HORRIBLEEE!! She is a Dominican lady who works (or worked, not sure) at the JC Penny Salon in the Four Seasons Mall. I was almost in tears when I came out of there, and I’m not one to really care about much because hey, hair grows back, but after she cut my hair I have had the worst trouble trying to grow it out normally (what she did was cut the front really short, left the back long) besides all this, I got a relaxer and my hair looked just like when I walked in, roots and all! Let’s see who else… I actually tried this one girl at Chakra’s Spa downtown gso, and during the whole process I was very iffy about it, but the results were AMAZING!! She used Moroccan Oil products, a T3 blower and Flat Iron and that’s all I know, but when I got my hair done there I had about 4 random people approach me in the streets asking me where I got my hair done! Her name’s Angel Kelsick (not sure about the spelling of the last name) and she works (or worked, not sure) at Chakra’s downtown. The only downside of it was the price… $50 for a wash and set!!! I thought that was just plain RIDICULOUS, so I cut that out! Then I heard about Evelyn and gave her a call, but I don’t know how I feel about not getting my hair blow-dried. I though that was just plain strange, so I made an appointment and unfortunately didn’t make it! I have actually been taking care of my own hair for a while now, and I must say it looks better than ever. I’ve never thought about going “natural” and now It’s actually been about 8 months since my last relaxer, but you could never tell once it’s done!! If any of you are willing to exchange some tips on how to maintain your hair yourself, please let me know. I actually want tips on how I can make my natural hair softer (I’ve heard about oils and hot treatments and stuff, but I want to hear about someone who’s actually tried it). Thanks for reading and sorry for being so lengthy!!

  24. LaNegra says:

    Hola amiga!!

    Wow, you are probably one of the only dominicanas that I’ve “met” that did not know about blowouts, but no harm…I’m probably the only one who cannot speak Spanish :P
    You’re not kidding, regarding the price of a wash-n-set! The prices are insane, outside of DR and NYC. But, like I always say, when you learn how to do your OWN hair, you may never want anyone else to put their hands in your hair ;)

  25. Chica says:

    I was wondering how much does evelyn charge for the blowout?

  26. Yvonne says:

    This was my second visit to Evelyn’s Hair Salon and a comment was a must. The staff is wonderful; you are addressed as soon as you walk into the salon and even though they are very busy you are never forgotten. Evelyn cuts hair like not other hair dresser I’ve been to. The hair products are wonderful. My hair smells, feels and looks great! Everyone should visit and least once; you will return!

  27. Morenita156 says:

    This message is for Maria del Carmen, I am glad to hear that there are others like myself being Dominican and growing out my perm it’s been 2 and half years. Now and then I step into a salon and get my hair done, I have had some interesting experiences but coming from DR and NYC something just doesn’t sit well with me when I have to pay $50 or more for a wash and set and on top of that get awful service like I have in the past. At this time what has saved me is using shampoo that is sulfate free that has made a remarkable change; when they start telling me in the raliegh that I need Keratin I move to another salon. Now and then I go to Paul Mitchell where they give me exceptional service with awesome products and use my DR products at home.

  28. pinkglam says:

    How much does evelyn charge???

  29. claudja says:

    @pinkglam. Evelyn has great prices. I paid 15.00 and that was for an “instant” which was just a shampoo and conditioner (no deep conditioner). She roller set my hair so beautifully. My hair is a little past my shoulders I love how flowy and bouncy it is. She is very professional and I love how it turned out. I will be going every week. Just made my appt for easter…

  30. Amourlove says:

    I saw Evelyn for the first time today. I live in High Point and I have been looking for a great salon that puts hair health FIRST. Well, I have found it!

    She did a Dominican wrap and she didn’t blast my hair with 1,000 degree heat (haha). I got a protein treatment and conditioner as well and it was just $25! For a young mom on a tight budget, the price is great!

    The ladies that worked with her are very kind and professional. My hair has so much bounce and shine. I will continue to go there again and again.

  31. LaNegra says:

    Wish I could try Evelyn out…she sounds really good!
    Thanks for sharing :D

  32. LaMorena27 says:

    Has anyone ever tried this dominican chic with a salon called Jen’s European Hair Extentions off of Millbrook Rd.??I believe the website said Raleigh, NC.

  33. Sherry says:

    Does she trim hair really good? Because I need some one who does both

  34. Kaylee says:

    I have been going to Jen for 6 months. She is great!! My hair is really healthy and silky now! I have stopped using relaer and swithched to a texturizer. I love Jen! I am now living in Winston-Salem and I’m planning on calling Evelyn today and get to High Point Rd. I met a lady Saturday who had gotten her hair done there and it was beautiful!

  35. JaLissa says:

    I’m going to call today and set up an appointment. I’ve been looking for a LONG TIME for a stylist who understands: my obsession with healthy hair, my cheap nature, my high expectations of service, and constant need to be beautiful lol. I’ll let you all know how it comes out!

  36. Chelle says:

    For everyone that went to Eveylyn, is ur hair relaxed or natural. Bcuz im natural but most people dont want to do dominican blowouts on natural hair for some reason. And any reccommendations for anyone who knows someone who does a FANTASTIC job please let me know…as long as they are located in or near greensboro.. thank u

  37. Bianqa says:

    For everyone who was raving about Eveylyn you all MUST have relaxers. I went there today because I just really wanted to get my hair done and have nice bouncy soft hair but didn’t feel like flat ironing it myself.

    First off they don’t do natural hair. Then told me if I insisted on getting a roller set they would but it’d cost me $25. But it wouldn’t come out nice so they kept trying to push a blowdry and flat iron on me, which would cost $75. Say what?! NO way.

    So I figured I’ll just pay the $25 for the roller set and if it comes out poofy and bad I’ll just flat iron it at home. Then they said I had to pay first. Took out my credit card and surprise! They only take cash. I asked for an ATM and they told me to walk to the nearby grocery store.

    I walked out and left.

    I will say the salon had a lot of women getting their hair done. and they looked good. The salon was also very clean. and the staff seemed nice. So if you have a relaxer I’d say go for it, but if you’re natural, keep looking.

  38. LaNegra says:

    Wow! I am so sorry you had a bad experience, but good for you for leaving. It seems that a lot of stylists have become lazy, don’t want to deal with natural hair. Not cooool.

  39. Sadmommi says:

    I enjoyed reading everyones comments but my experience was not favorable. I called and made an appointment and was giving the price of $15 which was on the sign hanging outside the shop but was given another price upon arrival.
    I was told $30 after she saw my daughters hair. She asked if it was permed I said yes about 3 weeks ago. Evelyn went on to say that we charge double for long hair. I took my daughter and left. Reality is that is false advertisement and I am definitely going to look into this matter further.
    Its so unfair that she would advertise for one amount and then raise the price due to my daughter having long thick hair. I understand that it is more time consuming but that is false advertising and lack professional intergerity to do such.
    Im glad you all like Evelyn but Im quite disappointed in her.

  40. candice says:

    Evelyn moved her salon 2 months ago. She is now at 2101D Patterson Street. The salon is called Dominican Wrap by Evelyn. The number is 336-294-9727. I am here now for the first time and so far so good!

  41. Shannie says:

    I recently moved here to Greensboro, and I was used to going to the Dominican shop in Zebulon where they use rollers and the dryer and it was just crazy heat everywhere, so when I moved here I looked everywhere for a Dominican blow out salon and someone finally told me to try Evelyn’s where her prices are low and she does a good job. So when I went and she told me they do not use blow dryers I was really confused and wondered well how do you consider it a ” Blowout” but once I got it done i instantly fell in LOVE she uses this amazing deep conditioner that they do not sell and it made my hair so soft, bouncy and it smelled soooo nice my fiancee’ loved the smell. My only negative is that my blowouts I used to get always last me at least 3 weeks with Evelyn you have to go back either every week or every other week but the few days it did last I couldn’t stop flipping my hair. She doesn’t do natural hair and I let her trim my hair once she did fantastic and since I been going to her my hair have been growing like crazy.
    Like I said the shop does great my only problem is it doesn’t last long but you do have more bounce and body.

  42. LaNegra says:

    She does use BLOWERS?! So, then how is it a dominican blowout? *perplexed*
    Regardless to the method, hair is straightened with HEAT unless chemicals work and you don’t need to blow, flat iron, or do something else.

    So, now…we’re all curious…lol

    What is the method used for her type of blowout…and all jokes aside, glad you found someone who works for you!

    Happy New Year, Chica!

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