Dominican Salon in Pittsburgh!!

Someone just got on my case about being slow to post this review. Sorry all :)

Anyway, I cannot tell you how happy I was to learn that there was FINALLY a Dominican Salon in Pitt. This is great for us in the Ohio/Pitt area.
Naturally, I needed to call and verify, then of course, I started thinking…well, I could use a relaxer…after all, the weather will cause frizzing. Right? Right.

I’m not going to lie, it is REALLY scary for me to try new stylists, because I know how to do my own hair and I have grown really particular. There are only a handful of stylists I trust. However, I heard that the owners were not only Dominican, but were from NY. What more was there to doubt? Nada.

So, I called and the first thing I asked was, “Can I bring my own products?”
Usually when I ask that question, I get, “Um…what?”

I knew Primo was the real deal, because the response was, “Yes, of course! What are you bringing?” That response pretty much signed the deal for me.

Ok, on to the experience. First, I was surprised to learn that Antonio, the gentleman who made my appointment, was not only there to answer the phones, but he is a bonafide stylist. He and his mother run the salon, have others located in Connecticut and money-earnin’ Mount Vernon. So, I’m in the chair now, nervous, anxious and praying that I will be happy. I can do my own rolos, right, and actually my own relaxers, but it takes FOR-EVER!

First thing the owner does is oil my scalp. What?! Not even my regular girl in NYC does that. Kudos to “mom” for that.
Next, she begins to apply my relaxer in very small sections. She didn’t rush, she didn’t slap the relaxer on, she was very, VERY careful and gentle. What’s really interesting is the owner, who did my relaxer (cannot remember her name), studied with the creator of Mizani. That was another Kudo for her!

After my relaxer was rinsed out, I was placed under the steamer with a conditioner. I didn’t bring one, because I knew that they had other really good products in the salon. When the conditioner was rinsed out, I was expecting “mom” to do my rolos. Now, the thing that worries me most is the fact that my hair tangles and typically people like to RIP my hair out. So, I was a wee bit surprised with “mom” told Antonio to put my rolos in. Antonio did my rolos. Much to my surprise…he managed to get my rolos in without ripping hair, and he definitely combs very gently; that was a total shocker.

The verdict?

This Mother and son, Dominican dynamic duo are HOT!! They have incredible products and are not just stylists, but they both are very into the health of the hair. They KNOW their stuff and the fact that the salon was PACKED speaks volume. Ironically, it felt like I was back in NYC. There were customers from NY, as well as other latina customers.

The other thing that I really liked is the fact that they had an African-American stylist working there too. She does excellent work.

The Pros:

  • You can bring your own products – but I would ask first, out of respect.
  • They did NOT try to cut, or even trim my hair. You all know most salons want to chip-n-clip whenever they get a new client.
  • They are from NY, so they know how “we do.”
  • Don’t have a favorite product? No problem, they have excellent products in the salon and know what to use on your hair.
  • The atmosphere is very inviting and comfortable. I felt like I’d been a customer for years and years. It’s like a big family in the salon.

The Cons:

  • This may not be a problem for Ohio and Pittsburgh people, but we New Yorkers are used to walk-in salons. No appointments necessary. This, however, is not a major problem. They are open Mondays – Saturdays, which is great!
  • Hmmmm….I’m all out of cons :)

I highly recommend them to everyone! I will definitely be back in the salon and if you try them out, get 20% if you mention!

Primo Hair Studio
5450 Steubenville Pike
McKees Rocks, PA 15136-1412 –
(412) 787-3330

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18 Responses to Dominican Salon in Pittsburgh!!

  1. melonie says:

    Great! When I was in western NY, there was no trustworthy salon around (all the women of color had jacked up hair…jagged, dry ear/neck length). Glad there’s FINALLY a good option for women in the region. And kudos to them for hiring an Afr. Am. stylist.

  2. Beverly says:

    Thank you so very much for this post . I am from Brooklyn NY…I lived in The Poconos Pa for 13 years, but worked in NYC, so I was still able to get my “Hair done” weekly at the Dominican salon. I moved to AL.4 years ago and how I miss my dominicn stylist. I am a licensed cosmetologist , but I can not do my hair the way those ladies can . My son lives in Pittsburgh. I am planning to move back to Pa. and I am glad to know there is a domincan salon in Robinson!! YEAH! I can’t wait to visit.

    thank you , this was a blessing.


  3. Alyson says:

    Everything in this review is spot on! I am native of Pittsburgh and at first we did not have any Dominican salons. Never heard of them until I went to school in Virginia. While in Norfolk, I discovered a place called Quisqueya which was phenominal, and when I heard we finally had a Dominican shop in Pittsburgh, I was happy, but kinda scared at the same time. I didn’t know what to expect, but after my first time there (shortly after they opened) I was excited. There was actually another salon that took the same care and attention to detail as my salon in VA. I love their work at Primo, and they have the best customer service out of every salon I’ve been to from PA to VA. They are nice, and walk you through what they are doing to your hair. Mr. Antonio is so funny, and his mother and wife are the sweetest people on earth. At Primo, they know their stuff!!!!!

  4. Astral says:

    I am from NJ and have lived in PGH for 10 years,I have yet to find a good stylist. I learned of Primo today and am super excited to go! My appointments tomorrow so I will repost the results :0)

  5. Ty Medlin says:

    I have been searching for a year to get someone to cut style and treat my hair. After getting lost I saw the salon and instantly started the search. After reading this review I called and made an appointment! Very excited for Friday!!!

  6. Ty Medlin says:

    I love this place and my hair!!! I hate that I am about to moved in a month but I will be visiting until then!! The atmosphere was so nice relaxing clean and inviting!!!

  7. CatPera says:

    Hey everyone, I am currently living in the Eastern part of PA n will be moving in less then a month to the Pitts area n I was highly concerned with my hair issue, very glad to know that i can sleep at peace now lol,,, My next concern is there any Dominican or spanish stores where I can get my salchichon you know that kind of stuff or is that asking for too much now!?!?

    From: Girl who throws it down in the kitchen dominican style!!

  8. LaNegra says:

    Hey Nena…there is a salon in Pitt!
    They do a good job!
    Primo Hair Studio
    5450 Steubenville Pike
    McKees Rocks, PA 15136-1412 –
    (412) 787-3330

  9. So Excited In Pittsburgh!!!! says:

    You have know idea how happy I am to hear that there is finally a Dominican Salon in Pittsburgh. I’ve had my hair done once out here in the last 6 years and I was extremely unhappy about the way it turned out. I am from Bermuda and have very curly hair and need someone that is able to get it straight even in the summer time and make it last. I normally get it done when I go to Maryland by the Dominican Salons there but always having to wait until I go down is a nuisance.

  10. LaNegra says:

    Let me know what you think!!! It took forever, but FINALLY someone can do our hair!

  11. Antonio says:

    Hola La Negra I wanted to let u know well be opening soon in Monroeville. I want you to come out for the grand opening…
    P.S thank you so much for all those kind words. And so you know everyone that still mentions this website gets their 20% off….

  12. Keisha Lawson says:

    I have been to the primo dominican salon out in mckees rocks…. I’m from Philly but but to Jeannette pa 2 years ago…. So I was scared to try a salon in the Pittsburgh area. I love the Primo salon…. Antonio and his mother did a great job with my hair! Even tho it’s about 50miles away from my home, it is totally worth the drive… I’m happy that they will soon be opening a new salon in monroeville.

  13. Letmeknow says:

    I went to a dominican salon in Maryland and they washed my hair and rolled it up and put me under the dryer. Once I dried, they sprayed my hair with a heat protector and blew dried my hair. My hair was awesome. Does this salon have the same techniques?

  14. I have been going to Primo Hair Studio for almost three years! I love that they can really blowout my natural curls. The stylists are very welcoming and know their stuff. I know that my hair would be much longer than what is it now, however, that is due to my inconsistency of scheduling my appointments because of my hectic schedule. Nonetheless, all of the ladies that I see coming and going have very long natural healthy hair. Now that my scheduled has slowed down a bit, I will be unfailing in scheduling my appointments, so that I too can get the length I want for my hair.

  15. April Muckler says:

    Is there a new Dominican Hair salon in Monroeville, PA?

  16. Angel says:

    Is there a new Dominican Salon in Monroeville, PA? I heard there was one on Monroeville Blvd, but no one seems to know for sure.

  17. LaNegra says:

    I don’t know…I have been over that way and haven’t seen it. I’ll check it out and get back to you…because that’s MUCH closer than the old spot :)

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