My Favorite Post Relaxer Conditioner

I caved, relaxed my hair after nearly a year. Why, you ask? Because it was becoming too cumbersome to come and simply maintain my tresses. I was actually doing fine until the cold weather hit. I was accustomed to hopping …

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Baba de Caracol PLUS!

Mujeres, I have been anxiously waiting to share this with you all.  However, I needed to test, retest and test ONE more time before officially sharing. Now, do NOT ask me why I tried this in the first place, but …

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Flattening New Growth

Hi LaNegra! First off, I absolutely love your website! Your tutorials have inspired me to work a bit harder on taking care of my own hair. I bought some new magnetic rollers and did a rollerset, followed by a doobie …

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Shampoo Fix!!

Al fin! Tengo algo me mole!! I’m so excited, can hardly type. Those of you, who have been following my dilemma, know that I have been stressing ( I mean that seriously) over finding a replacement shampoo. I do NOT …

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Creme of Nature Shampoo Fix

Hey guapas! I have been trying to find a substitute for my beloved Creme of Nature shampoo since I learned that the original formula was going extinct. Why do companies change products when consumers are happy with them?!

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Silk Amino Acid – Review (Phase 1)

I am so terribly sorry this took so long to get to, but I think that there has been a benefit to it taking so long. When I first received my Silk Amino Acid, I didn’t know what to think …

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pre-poo with mayonase, honey, & do growth stimulating works really well on my hair & i find that it makes it rich in thickness & strength.hope this helps ;] submitted by Ana, one of our readers.

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Protein Shake

Today I planned on using Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment, but failed to see how much was left in the bottle. After washing my hair, I discovered that my coveted Aphogee was almost empty! What was I going to do? …

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Hair Recession?

I’ll give up Starbucks, a new pair of shoes (that was painful to even type) and I might even be willing to give up that super, duper sale at my favorite clothing store, but there are some things that i …

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Share a Hair Recipe

There are countless home recipes that we have used and if the truth be told, they are often better. For instance, a quick, instant protein treatment is mayo or egg. I don’t always like the smell of either, but in …

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