How Not to Burn The Scalp

Lanegra, you sre soo helpful.I know your details and techniques will make a huge difference in my blowouts! Now I know this may sound silly but-i always burn my hand while blowdrying (the one holding the brush)! I try directing …

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Hola guapas! When I say “we” I mean us, as in you and me. So, it turns out someone was bored, hacked into my site. Nice! No matter, I will be catching up with reviews. I’ve tried a bunch of …

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The Bun is Back

Sure, we all love wearing our freshly blown out tresses down to swang and bounce about the breeze. But what do you do when you don’t have the time to set your rolos and your hair is misbehaving like a …

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Felicia’s Dominican Salon

I’m Felicia Guzman Lankford. I was born and grew up in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I moved to Sanford, North Carolina in 2003. I have always had a passion for hair, when I was a teenager I use to blow out my friends hair and do …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guapas!! I want to wish you all a Happy, Hairy Thanksgiving!! Blessing to you and your families. LaNegra

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Stylist offering Dominican Blowouts in NC

I’m not a Dominican Salon but I do specialize and offer Dominican Blowouts to my clients. I’m located at: Salon a’ Salon 4804 Country Club Rd. Winston-Salem, NC 27104 and my Tel. is (336)776-8043 Winston Salem, NC

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Dominican Stylist

Felicia Im Dominican stylist, I work  at Lourdes Beauty Salon, Sanford, NC Tuesdays to Saturdays, I’ll be glad to help you out with you all hair, look at my faceboock (domi… my number is (919)775-7139.

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Curlformers vs. Humidity…Test 1

Hey guapas, Today was the absolutely, perfect day to put my curlformers to the test. I used them last night, for the 3rd time since I got them. Now, I admit that I am still experimenting with the installation of …

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Mami, Your Hair is Damaged

Really?! I don’t know what it is about New Yorkers. Perhaps, there’s something about the way we speak, our accent, or our take-no-shizz attitude that makes us easily identifiable. Regardless, no matter where I go, I recognize mi gente and …

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The Great Heat Debate

When it comes to my hair my first concern is not how straight I get it, but how healthy I keep it. With that said, I had a couple of heat related debates with well meaning people. There is is …

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