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Altering the Curl Pattern

Hola Chica! Long time since I have post..but I definitely have been keeping up with the blog and reading…..I am actually going through some changes in my hair..and this post leads into my questions…After decades of getting relaxers (all my …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guapas!! I want to wish you all a Happy, Hairy Thanksgiving!! Blessing to you and your families. LaNegra

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Flattening the Roots

Hi! First off, I just wanna say, I LOVE your blog here. It’s really niffy, and I love reading the stuff you put up; very informative stuff. Now, my question is: How do you get your roots flat? I am …

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Naturally Thin Hair

Hola LaNrgra,’ I have really thin hair and had it all my life. I was wondering where I could find some of the products you suggest. My hair is thin and curly. I want it thicker!! I hate seeing my …

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Thinning Hair – Question 2

My hair is starting to thin at the crown and I am wondering if it’s from getting blowouts. I have been for the past 5 years and I go weekly. My hair is completely natural…no perm for a year now …

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