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KeraKare Humecto

Hello ladies, I picked up some KeraCare Humecto after reading this article. I had braids in my hair for a few months and hadn’t had any conditioning treatments! So I sat under the dryer with the Humecto on for about …

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Creme of Nature Shampoo Fix

Hey guapas! I have been trying to find a substitute for my beloved Creme of Nature shampoo since I learned that the original formula was going extinct. Why do companies change products when consumers are happy with them?!

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Getting My Hair to Grow

My hair is in the process of growing back from short Rihanna-cut last year. I’m basically natural(I got a texturizer maybe 4 months ago but I didn’t see a difference so I haven’t tried it since). I guess my hair …

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Dominican Salon Review – Philly

Submitted by Niffari I am new to this sight and totally new to Domincan blowouts. 3 days ago, I had no idea what they were but stumbled across and article on the Internet. As a half Jamiacan,/Irish-German woman, I was …

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Going off to College

I’m going away to college in late August of 2010 and my hair will be an issue. Could you help me? I need to learn how to give myself the sleek and shiny hair I long for, and I have …

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LOVING your site!!!

Girl your site is awesome! I was up till one in the morning reading everything!!! And I do mean everything. You have me seriously wanting to start a blog on natural hair. I’ve been natural for going on 3 years …

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Hooded Dryer

I submitted a comment & question in November, however, I haven’t seen it posted yet.  Can you please recommend a hooded dryer to accomodate extra large rollers (around 2″,etc.) Thanks, Shorty Sorry Shorty, I answer every question. I fall behind …

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Dryer Recommendations

Good evening!  This is my first time on your site and I have already found it useful.  I have natural hair that I have worn blown out & pressed (every 4 weeks) for awhile.  I need suggestions for a really …

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