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The World Needs Dominican Blowouts!

I came upon your site while trying to figure out how to keep my Dominican hair from turning into a ball of frizz during humid days and read in your “about section” about the difficulties you had on finding salons …

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Beauty Supply Store in Bronx

Hola guapas, Calling all Bronx beauties! Please recommend your favorite beauty supply store(s) in the Bx. and tell whether or not they carry dominican products. Gracias!

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Maintaining First Dominican Blowout

Hey La Negra, I looove your site and the tutorials you do! Been a lurker for a while! I went to get my FIRST Dominican blowout last night and left out of the salon with SILK for hair. I was …

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Finger Curls – Video

Sorry amigas! I know it’s been forever since I posted anything meaningful, been busier than a rooster in a hen house. Anyway, here’s a little tutorial showing how I do my finger curls. It’s really easy and gives thin hair …

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Hairstylist Based in the UK

Ive been following your site for some time.  Im a hairstylist based in the UK. I was in New York in September and decided to take your advice and go to a Dominican Salon.  I went to Rama’s beauty supply …

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Non-Dominican Stylists

This question is for YOU. [poll id="2"]

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Oasis Beauty & Spa – Florida

Hi Negra!!! Well i had my first Dominican blowdry since i was like 14.  And if i may let me give credit where credit is due.   Oasis Beauty & Spa 15824 SW 137th Avenue Miami, Florida 33177 (305) 2389732 …

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Thin Hair and Breakage

Hi LaNegra, My hair is just super curly, and now it’s also super thin. I’ve never dyed it, never relaxed it, it’s just good old fashioned natural Dominican hair. When I was 17 my hair was really full, curly and …

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Hair and The City (NYC)

Hi I just moved from Ohio to NYC and found this blog while looking for a place to get my hair done. I’m black and have short hair. I am used to getting relaxers but haven’t been in awhile due …

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What is a Rinse For?

I’ve always wanted to know, what is a rinse for? I’ve seen it on round crece pelo rinse. Should you use it as a conditioner or after you wash your hair to detangle and then  use conditioner? How do …

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