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Do It Yourselfers

I’m so behind. I have been trying to keep up with all of the comments and pics being sent. I hope you all can forgive me. Dangerous Leo and Kensmom shared their pics. They both did a really good job!

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Doing What Works for You

I am so thankful for your blog! Because it helped me to know HOW I can balance out my hair care thinga majigy. I thought I should do my own hair all the time by myself (so I bought the …

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Hair Stalkers Anonymous

Anitra, try not to laugh…but it’s official. I am a…dare I say… HAIR STALKER! So, there’s this girl that I’ve seen at the gym a few times and I know she probably wonders why I stare.  Cada vez la veo, …

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Okay…so we all know, its the end of July/early August and the weather is less than accomdating for our blow outs. Despite my best efforts, the humidity always gets the best of my hair and I end up needing to …

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Sebastian Originals 2 + 1 Reconstructor Treatment

You all know that I’ve been trying to keep up with the questions coming in and each time I get one, I promise myself that I’m going to get it posted, so that everyone can benefit. Well, this was one …

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Domincan Blowout Technique – Video

Give a girl a video camera and she forgets how to behave, lol. So, here’s a quick vid showing how to do a domincan blowout. Some notes: 1. I hardly use any tension, let the blower do the work for …

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Putting Rollers in On The Side – Video

Here is another video showing how you can put rolos on the side of your head. I used to fight to roll them under, but realized it didn’t matter which direction I rolled them, as long as the ends were …

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Pros and Cons of Protein Treatments

We’ve all heard of keratin. Some of us use it in various products,  such as Nexxus KerapHix and others. However, what many do not know is that our hair and nails are comprised of keratin. That’s right! our hair is …

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Sale Alert – CHI

Thanks to Ssinerely for sharing this CHI sale! Bought CHI Shine Infusion for $7.99 @ T.J. Maxx, retail price:$14.99. There were many more products, bu I just needed a little shine after my  dbo.

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